Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Memento mori - Latin for remember your mortality.  Remember you are human.  It is a humbling thought, and one that will guide this post.  Remember, Patt, that you are human.  And to those who will read this blog, it is my plea to you also - remember that you are human, caught up in this marvelous world that God has intersected in Jesus Christ.  In our humanity, we will make mistakes.  In our humanity, we will be cruel and unloving.  However, on this blog, you must be kind.  You must be loving or you will be blocked.
Here, you are welcome to ask questions and work out the understanding of what it means to be human and in Christ.  We will walk together.  Memento mori.

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  1. 2012 was such a year, that I can not forget that I am dust, I am human. But, I'll try to be a good boy on your blog! Grace and peace, Good Reverend.