Monday, February 25, 2013


I loved her so dearly; I'm still realizing just how much.  Every time I walk now, I remember our walks.  Every time I hear a dog bark, I remember how I am no longer afraid.  I think of how she loved.  She didn't hold it against me when she had to go to a shelter because we had no home. She would only wag her tail and jump up and down whenever we took her out.  And when we finally had a home for her, here in Port Jervis, she took a victory lap around the house, around the garden, and voila!  She was home.
Belle loved everyone.
What a model for Christian love!  To love dearly, and deeply, without reservation, the way we are loved by Christ.
It is what we focus on during this season of Lent; how we take the radical love Christ has for us, into our lives, and our world.
Thank you, Belle.

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  1. Belle loved us in a way that I want to emulate for all my days. Belle knew who was in her pack, and never forgot that. She embodied faithfulness. I am so grateful to have known her, a truly "big dog."